About Aslan Construction

At Aslan Construction, we believe strong relationships are the cornerstone of success. Honesty, loyalty, and kindness form the foundation of our beliefs, and the blueprint for how we do business.

Formed in 2001, Aslan Construction's reputation of excellence, problem-solving skills, collaborative work style, and strong technical expertise has made us one of the most respected water and wastewater transmission and treatment construction companies in the Colorado-Wyoming area. Our scope of knowledge and experience, as well our commitment to open and respectful communication, ensures every job is a success, every time.

Design Build

Lower Project Costs than “Going Out to Bid”

  • Our constructability experience, technical input, and design solutions provide substantial cost savings without reducing critical design objectives.
  • In addition to cost savings, we work hard to ensure competitive pricing
  • With a minimum of four bids provided in each major trade, our clients receive the best pricing possible for their projects.
  • Since the costs are open book, you will see how every dollar is allocated.
  • We provide flexible bid schedules.

Aslan’s Team

  • Our team is committed to you from start to finish of the project.
  • We are first class in technical competency and budgeting.
  • Aslan self-performs civil, concrete, earthwork, as well process piping and equipment.
  • We specialize in “ugly”, risky, and “I’m not sure if it is possible” projects.
  • Our team is aggregable and cooperative as routine challenges are solved privately.
  • We employ teams with specialized training and experience in both water and wastewater treatment.

Pricing Accuracy

  • Our Concept Phase Pricing Accuracy: +/- 10%
  • With accurate pricing, there is minimized risk of the project being over budget.
  • Aslan provides early feedback and offers expertise regarding market conditions, location challenges, competition, and risk allocation.
  • Our accurate budgets allow for maximizing the scope with a restricted budget.

Aslan’s Financial Strength

  • We have spent fifteen years serving and building rapport with Colorado’s front range and western slope.
  • Aslan’s design build project size: $10,000,000 - $15,000,000
  • Lockton bonding limit for a single project: $30,000,000
  • We maintain excellent working relationships with hundreds of subcontractors and suppliers.

Consistent Successful Projects

  • Aslan’s design build creates a win-win relationship. Our clients receive a great contractor, high quality subcontractors, and a less expensive project.
  • Our flexible permitting, early procurement, and improved constructability allow the project to be completed within the minimum timeframe.
  • Because our design build team has the flexibility to select dependable subcontractors and vendors for your project, you will have better quality.
  • Local community contractors can be used to construct the project.
  • Our consistent delivery of successful projects reinforces our strong partnerships as a vital part of strong building.

Our Mission

Bring out the best in ourselves and our working partners through a cooperative approach, generous attitude, alignment of purpose, and pride in creation.

Our Team

  • Michael Pelphrey
  • President
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  • Bob MacTaggart
  • Executive Superintendent and Principal Partner
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  • Todd Hebert
  • Estimator
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  • Jen Toland
  • Contracts Administrator and Project Manager
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